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    Hydronic Panel and Slab Heating

    Hydronic Slab heating turns your whole floor into a radiant heater producing that amazingly comfortable warm home that hydronic floor heating is known for. Hydronic slab heating is an ideal heating solution for large open living areas such as kitchens, living and dining areas as well as bathrooms that have a concrete slab beneath them.

    Evaporative Cooling

    Evaporative Cooling is an air cooling ducted system which has been carefully engineered and designed to sit on the roof of houses to cool and filter the outside air and distribute it throughout the house using a series of ducts and vents. Evaporative Cooling is the ideal solution for whole house ducted air conditioning in areas such as Melbourne due to the dry climate, low installation and running costs. When compared to other ducted units on the market, an evaporative cooler is the cheapest form of cooling.

    Ducted Split Systems

    AAC Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been installing Ducted Air Conditioning for many years. Our experienced air conditioning technicians will work with your Builder, Architect or Engineer to design the best ducted system for your requirements. We can also help you decide the best air conditioner make and model to use.

    Bulk Head Split Systems

    If you need an energy efficient air conditioner with minimal aesthetic and acoustic impact on your home, a bulkhead air conditioner installation is the ultimate solution. An indoor unit fits flush into the ceiling with only the air grilles visible for minimal aesthetic impact inside the room.

    Wall Mount Split Systems

    Wall Split Systems are designed to provide cooling and heating comfort in the room that they are installed in. They are energy efficient because they allow you to control the temperature for that room only. Quality brands also contain purifying filters to ensure the air is clean and fresh and are powerful enough to move the air to all parts of the room, while still being whisper quiet. Wall Split Systems are compact and are aesthetically pleasing, designed to blend in with your room décor.

    Multi Head Split Systems

    A single wall split air conditioning unit is great for a single room, however, if you need multiple rooms air conditioned, then you need to consider a multi head split system.

    The beauty of a multi head split system is that it allows up to five individual air conditioning heads to be installed throughout your home, office or retail space, using just the one outdoor unit.

    Gas Ducted Heating with Add-On Cooling

    Ducted gas heating is one of the most popular options for homeowners wanting to keep warm, particularly as it has proven to be so cost effective. AAC not only offers expert gas heating installations, but can also provide add on cooling to make sure you keep comfortable during the hotter months, too. This is a perfect option for your household if you are looking to save on installation costs.

    Gas Ducted Heaters

    Ducted heating is a very popular way of achieving entire house heating, and is sometimes also referred to as central heating or a gas heating system.

    Ducted gas heating works by drawing air from inside your home into a return air grille, which then flows into the central heating unit, where it is warmed before being distributed to each room via a network of ductwork connected to outlets. The result is warm gentle air from your gas heating system!